Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"And Keep In Mind, This Time When They Come For The Jews? It’ll Probably Be Long After They’ve Already Come For You."

The Jaded Haven post I referenced here, inspired a commenter to add:

When did we lose it? You’ve heard the old saw “…first they came for the Jews, then…”?

First they came to each state asking them to give up their right of restricting voting to only those who were established and responsible citizens, to anyone who could be coaxed to say ‘yay!’ or ‘nay!’ in the name of Democracy! and Progress!

Then they came to take the right to define the school curriculums from the local parents, to give the content of their children’s minds to distant experts approved by the govt, in the name of Democracy! and Progress!

Then they came to take the right to say where your children should be, what they should do, what they should learn, and where they should learn it, to the govt, not for any nefarious purposes of course, but in the name of Democracy! and Progress!

Then they came to take the right to be responsible for paying your own taxes and took your right of first claim on your own income… and you know why, not for any naughty purposes, oh no, only for your own good.

Then they came to take the right for your U.S. Senators to be beholden to those local state legislators who not only knew and understood the interests of their state (and whom the people might know personally, and elected), and demanded that they be elected not by ‘vested interests!’ (which meant you) NO! but by the People!, which changed the nature of the Senate from a deliberative body, removed from the heat of popular opinion, to a forum of show boaters even more practiced in heated populist rhetoric than those in the house of representatives – and far less answerable for their actions… all in the name of Democracy! and Progress! and Campaign Finance Reform! (Gosh that one still works well, doesn’t it!).

Then they came for your actual property, your Gold, actually came and took the gold from peoples houses, on pain of fine and imprisonment, and when the Supreme Court balked, there came the “Switch in time that saved Nine” but which denuded them. And when the govt forced a decision on them that voided the sanctity of contract, Justice McReynolds said “Congress had no power to destroy the gold clause commitment. FDR is Nero at its worse. As for the Constitution, it doesn’t seem to much to say, that it is gone”.

And then they came for the cigarette makers, and the Dr’s, and the car mfg’s, and the food labelers, and the uninsured, and … and… and… no need to fill in the blanks folks, they will do that quite well all by themselves now.

“How ever did we get here?!!!”

Please. Stuff it.

And keep in mind, this time when they come for the Jews? It’ll probably be long after they’ve already come for you.

This week might be the very last chance to slow it down… CALL your non-representing representatives and tell them NO! On what? Doesn’t matter, just NO!!!

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