Monday, July 27, 2009

20 Hours Of Drivin', 46 Hours Of God Rockin' The House

Got to sleep last night at around 2:00 AM after our return from the Steubenville San Diego Catholic Youth Conference. My wife and I brought 8 kids down from the Bay Area, starting our journey at 6:00 AM on Friday. 11 hours later we were in San Diego for the Friday night/all day and night Saturday/Sunday morning conference, joined by a couple of great Stanford kids who served as chaperones.

Man OH MAN, it was awesome!!

Imagine an arena filled with 3500 Catholic teenagers (most from SoCal), just goin' nuts for the Sacraments, getting spiritually healed, and giving ecstatic, glorious praise and worship to Jesus! All accompanied by phenomenal, totally kickin' music and superb preaching.

And done in companionship with my adorable little 4 months pregnant wife who did the bulk of the organizin' to get us down there.

The real juice!


Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Awesome! I loved the CYC up here in Washington-- mostly held at Gonzaga U in Spokane.

Wonderful, wonderful times. (although I gotta ask--did you run into any of the ComiCon folks?)

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Also: grats!

Matteo said...

Many of my nieces and nephews (on my wife's side) went to the Gonzaga Conference last year, and are going this coming weekend. The first time I went to one of these was 1997 in Phoenix when it was small enough to be held on a high school campus. I also went to the subsequent two conferences in Tucson, but hadn't been to one in ten years. It was great to experience it again as a guy in my forties! It's more poignant when the kids are young enough to be your own. Were you a chaperone/group leader at Gonzaga?

We were on the San Diego State campus, so didn't see any ComiCon people...

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

*Grin* Nah, just a dang kid-- it's been over ten years since the first one we went to. (ours is high school kids only-- not sure how other folks do theirs)

My sister and I both still wear the shirts we got each year, though. (my brother hit a growth spurt-- shoulders got too big)