Friday, May 15, 2009

Radical Inspiration, Radical Responsibility

I think henceforth if anyone asks me whether I am a Democrat or a Republican, I'm just going to answer, "Neither one. I am a Founding Father."

Two reasons for this: Firstly, because it is the Founding Fathers and their vision that inspires me, not the two headed beast that is our current master. Secondly, because it is the responsibility of all who hold to this ideal to stand up if the situation calls for it and to act in the capacity of a Founding Father. Who knows who duty will call, but there is nothing wrong with the country that some new John Adams or Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin couldn't fix. And no, I'm not crazy enough to think I'm that guy. But the real problem is not that the country isn't "conservative" enough, it is that it ditched what the Founders bequeathed to us. We've got to get back to our true roots ("radical" is Latin for "root").

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