Monday, May 11, 2009

Amusing Mixed Metaphor

From a commenter here:

Doing a 1994 and throwing the Democrats out of control of Congress is our only serious hope of derailing this train wreck (hmmm, that metaphor might need a little work).

Also, from the same comment section, a well-expressed prophecy:

Next: as the UAW runs Fiatler into the ground, and the administration forces Government Motors to discontinue most of its bestselling models in favor of unsalable econoboxes, the Japanese and Ford will eat their market lunch.

So it will be time for another kneecapping in order to keep Obama’s union constituency afloat. I predict a massive Ford strike, with USLRB forcing brutally uncompetitive terms on the company; and Card Check to force UAW control of the Japanese auto plants, with perhaps some targeted tax penalties thrown in.


Matt said...

Time to by Ford stock?

Matteo said...

Time to boycott anything made by Fiatler or Government Motors...