Monday, May 18, 2009

The Age Of Frugality

Excellent financial article.

It ends on this hopeful note:

3) The biggest benefit of all might just be the change in politicians to, dare I say it, "Responsible Government". What a notion. I know I'm stepping out on a fragile limb. There's a quote I love that states, "Man (society) gets the politicians they deserve". And we have been (as a society) greedily chasing rolling asset bubbles, and climbing the ladder of material wealth for a couple of decades now, and we have politicians that reflect the values of greed. We have some of the narrowest minded, self-interested, and narcissistic politicians seen in centuries. Frankly and sadly, we have the politician we deserve.

However, as the age of frugality continues, and society begins the adjustment of living with less, living within our means, being net savers, and focusing on the quality of the human experience, those attitudes will reshape the consciousness of American society, which will in turn (I hope) demand those very same qualities from a new fresh face of American politicians. Politicians that, dare I say it, provide responsible oversight, prudent financial management, reduced spending and living within their means with our money. Hopefully we'll have politicians that do not answer to the few but the many, and embrace the American middle class! Then, and only then will the great American dream be reborn for all!

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