Tuesday, October 16, 2007

He Is The Anointed Of God. Can't You See?

Well stated:


ABC News reporter David Wright wonders at those who would defy a small panel of Norwegians:

Even the Nobel Prize is not going to be enough to silence the naysayers ...

It’s called dissent, pal, and for your information it happens to be the greatest form of patriotism. Among the sayers of nay remains Mark Steyn:

A schoolkid in Ontario was complaining the other day that, whatever subject you do, you have to sit through Gore’s movie: It turns up in biology class, in geography, in physics, in history, in English.

Whatever you’re studying, it’s all you need to know. It fulfils the same role in the schoolhouses of the guilt-ridden developed world that the Koran does in Pakistani madrassas.

In the West, they study the Goran.

UPDATE. Rob Read: “Al Gore (Peace Prize be upon him).”

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