Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good Points

In the comments to a Telic Thoughts post responding to Behe's most recent Amazon post:

In my view all arguments that try to shield God from evil inevitably fail. What one should ask instead is if life, as it is, is worth the potential for evil? I've asked atheists why they hate life so much. Almost invariably they say that to the contrary for the most part they love life. If that is so then why be so critical of the concept of a creator of such a life?


I'm not sure what to think of the free will versus predestination debate, but I will say one thing: Whenever someone talks about how God could create a universe where there are nothing but perfectly good creatures in perfectly good nature for all time, I have to grin. Because the argument becomes "A perfectly good, omnipotent God would have never let me be born."

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