Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just Plain Disturbing

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See Right Wing News for the explanation.

Update: The Anchoress says:

For some reason, Hillary - who is an attractive woman - here looks like the love child of Jimmy Carter and Eleanor Roosevelt, but wearing the breastplate usually associated with Brunnhilda in Die Walkure!


Either way…no, this bust does not do it for me. Uh-uh. Anytime a woman is sculpted to look like Jimmy Carter, that is not a good day in that lady’s life.


I have to say, if I were Hillary, I would be working very hard, and very fast to get rid of this image and to do all I could do to keep people from saying, “Oh, Hillary is just Jimmy Carter with boobs…”

Nothing could sink her ambitions faster. And since the picture is out there…it may already be too late. For the next two years, you’ll see that picture and “Jimmy Carter with Boobs” everywhere. Associations are important. A thought is a thing.

What have I always told you…nothing is static, everything is always in flux. Assume nothing, because there are no foregone conclusions. And never, ever forget, that sometimes it’s the strangest, most unpredictable things, which have the most lasting and intense impact.

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