Friday, July 21, 2006

Almost All Outta Gum

Loss of patience probably doesn't mean what the leftists think.


Some in the West, including domestic political opposition, think that the loss of patience by the West translates primarily into retreat, withdrawal, and a return to reliance on diplomacy. That may be a serious misreading of the public attitude. We believe that, for a substantial part of the American public, loss of patience puts them in a far more lethal frame of mind. The overwhelming support in Israel of Ehud Olmert’s swift and total effort to obliterate Hezbollah might also reveal something about the mindset of Americans. VDH:

[some good quotes from Hanson piece]


We believe that anti-war cadres in America have deluded themselves into a seriously wrong analysis of the mindset of much of the American people, which is just fine with us — the problem comes because these anti-war types mug for the cameras and announce their views to the enemy via the MSM, encouraging America’s foes to try even greater depredations to wear out the stamina of the man in the street. The anti-war cadres and the MSM hence give temporary aid and comfort to the enemy, goading him to miscalculate and persist in his barbarity. If the result of such aid and comfort is the American version of Israel’s — 100x more powerful than Israel’s strikes against Hezbollah — those anti-war fools may turn out to be responsible for far more killing and suffering — when hell is finally unleashed — than would have taken place if America had presented a unified face to the world in the first place.

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