Thursday, May 25, 2006

And, Comrade, Never Forget That Walking Saves The Most Gas Of All

Seriously out of touch and politically tone deaf:

Hillary's Score

That's "score" as in 20--the number of people who showed up in Nashville for "the national kickoff for, a grass-roots group pushing to draft the New York senator and former first lady to run for president in 2008," according to the Tennessean.

The paper reports that the rally "drew critics of President Bush, nonpartisan voters looking for a strong leader, and people who want to elect a female president." The motives of the other 14 attendees are unknown. (Hat tip: GOP and the City.)

Mrs. Clinton herself, the New York Post reports, was in Washington:

In a surprise move yesterday, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton called for "most of the country" to return to a speed limit of 55 mph in an effort to slash fuel consumption.

"The 55-mile speed limit really does lower gas usage. And wherever it can be required, and the people will accept it, we ought to do it," Clinton said at the National Press Club.

This really makes us wonder about her political acumen. The 55 mph speed limit is such an unpopular policy that people attribute it to Jimmy Carter (it actually originated in the Nixon administration). It was relaxed in 1987, then abolished in 1995 as part of a transportation bill the senator's husband signed. The National Motorists Association notes that 49 of the 50 states now have top speed limits of at least 65.

Only Hawaii stuck with the dreaded double-nickel on its interstates--which explains why it takes forever to drive to the next state.

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