Thursday, March 11, 2010

Denninger For President


One need only look to Greece, where telling people they have to actually go to work and produce something in order to earn a public-sector salary produces riots.

If you think we're "more advanced" in our thinking here in the United States you're simply insane.

Times like this require a man in the left seat with a big fat church-bell sized set of balls, and the willingness to be unpopular enough to be a one-term wonder. This is inherently in conflict with the narcissist personality required to run for President in the first place.

Nobody who wants the job and is electable to the office is fit for it at a time like this. I'd do it if drafted, but I'd never put up with the crap required to get there, nor am I electable - because I refuse to lie in the fashion required to obtain the office. Stumping for votes while pointing out that promising to pay $100 trillion in Social Security and Medicare that we don't have and can't acquire, that if we try to print our way out of debt that "obligation" will go from $100 trillion to $250 trillion (which still can't be paid), and that the sort of measures required to bring the economy and government back into balance - at both a state and federal level - will result in massive shifts in the economy's balance and, in the short-term, lead to even more pain, are not popular. To the contrary - not one person receiving those handouts would vote for me, and since they're nearly half the population there's not a snowball's chance in Hades that I could carry the day at the polls.

So what's required is a paradox. You need a man or woman who will run for the office saying all the "right things" while lying through their teeth. Someone who will shed that veneer the instant the election is over, then take the left seat and be a five-alarm bastard once in office, placing a big sign on the door "$ = NO!"

Someone who will take a look at The Constitution and if they can't find whatever it is being proposed in the four corners of the text, it's gone. That is, Social Security and Medicare - gone. Provide some sort of subsidy to the states with whatever we've actually got in the so-called "Trust Fund" (that is, distribute to them the "special Treasuries" in the so-called "box") and immediately end FICA. The States are then free to run the programs as they see fit. This will instantly force accountability and a transition to a privately-owned pair of accounts, or perhaps one account that provides both functions, since people move and won't accept anything else.

Someone who will align tax revenue with GDP permanently and radically. This means The Fair Tax, and if Congress won't enact it, then The President does it by executive order - by abolishing the IRS' funding and authority! Issue an executive order barring the DOJ and other Federal Law Enforcement from enforcing anything in The Internal Revenue Code, and suddenly Congress will become far more reasonable since in order to acquire funds they will have to do the right thing. Radical? Yes. Bye-bye 16th Amendment and "K Street."

Now go find the rest. Departments of Education and Agriculture, as just two examples: Gone. All State Mandates from The Federal Government: Gone.

If you can't find it in The Constitution it goes back to The States and is regulated within their borders. The ability of the people to freely migrate from one state to another enforces fiscal responsibility - if you behave like a jackass, such as California has done, you will be rapidly de-populated and without a tax base, your policies fail. End of discussion. No more Federal Welfare of any sort. If The States want to provide it and can fund it, goody for them. More likely what happens is that The States suddenly find that they can provide lots of workfare doing things that need done, provided they outlaw public employee unions first to disarm those thugs.

On monetary policy it's simple: The Fed either honors its actual written mandate or they're gone too. No more BS, no more opacity. Everything they do is public and published on The Internet. Send up a bill mandating that any gaming of economic statistics or monetary policy is a federal offense garnering you 20-to-life in the can and demand that it pass or you'll veto every bill that comes to your desk until it does.


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Staring in Disbelief said...

It's a fantasy. As much as I agree with Karl on the problem, he is not describing a President but a Dictator. Which is what we'll get AFTER everything collapses but not before. We get the government we deserve. We voted for them, put up with them, and reelect them. It is not the morons in office that are the problem. They are a symptom. It is the morons that put them there. The idiots that only support "Santa Claus" candidates are the ones that doom us. If someone would try to run on a "Return to Solvency" platform, we could see if we are smart enough to save ourselves.