Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Hope He's Right


Heard a lot of nonsense and obfuscating from the Dems all morning. The worst was pretending the details don’t count, or the costs don’t count, or the Americans want this…

The denial was puke-worthy. But the worst of it was the question of which path would damage Obama and the Dems! Earth to liberals – the damage is done. Democrats will be wiped out this November, and Obama is a one term disaster. And not only will all this Health Care madness be tied up in legal limbo for years, rejected by over two thirds the states, and eventually repealed and replaced with something more reasonable, but the entire federal government and its intrusive liberal policies will be dismantled.

This is not the dawning of far left Nirvana in America. This is the straw that will provide the energy, the rallying cry and the example for tearing down the federal beast. Democrats are not just going to lose a president and control of Congress along with many dozens of house seats and probably 8-9 senate seats (Boxer (CA) is now in trouble, Murray (WA) is in trouble and Feingold (WI) is even starting to slip). No. They are going to lose a century of federal infrastructure that has been built up, and now needs to excised like a cancerous tumor.

The mood of the country will be to not only repeal this madness, but to make sure it cannot happen again. The mood will be to clip the federal bureaucracy down to its barest requirements. Power to decide issues will be devolved to the states. Every issue the left holds dear will suffer devastating and irreversible set backs.

If Liberals think Americans will sit back and let them dictate to the majority, they are as clueless as they are arrogant.

Hold this vote now. Get it over with. Pretend this country is not run by the voters and citizens. Pretend you are the greatest and wisest leaders to ever grace this planet. Delude yourselves all you want liberals.

Because today you have awoken the sleeping giant, and the silent majority will be silent no more. Tomorrow we embark on a new path, one that will no longer tolerate liberal madness.


Anonymous said...

No he's wrong. The GOP will get seats in both houses and keep letting us down and scr*wing us. BIG TIME. Its what they do. They won't change. They have no honor. They have no spines. So we all go out, sweat blood and tears, stump away like stooges and some GOPs get in. Big deal. Bet you money they don't have a clue what to do next, how to repeal this or any part of it, and have zero plans in place as to what reform really looks like. I have no where to go. I don't trust the GOP, my party, any more than the d*mned Dems.

Matteo said...

Perhaps, and perhaps even highly likely. I've never been fond of the GOP castrati. There is one big however, however. To what extent has the GOP ever had a majority of voters with strong spines standing behind them? It's hard to see how they could have accomplished all of the conservative dream goals with a bunch of wishy-washy candy-assed hey-lets-vote-for-Obama-this-time voters guarding their flanks.

Still, you may well be right. But that's a reason for voters not to tolerate a bunch of hapless RINOs during primaries.