Friday, March 26, 2010

No Such Thing As Compassion At Gunpoint

Very good piece at the American Thinker. Plenty of good stuff, including this:

Another misguided compassion is directed to a woman who refuses to act responsibly and practice safe sex. We convince her that the human life she gestates is not what it is. Just abort it and be free; it is the compassionate thing to do. Never mind that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness presuppose that one gets to have a life in the first place. (And do we honestly think anyone capable of justifying the murder of innocent viable human life that is no real threat to the mother, other than being inconvenient, is capable of governing a just society? If they can condone that, then they will champion anything that suits their appetites.)

Not to mention that they'll champion any number of cockamamie schemes to sooth their depraved consciences...


Ilíon said...

The Civil Was is the price we had to pay for not ending slavery.

Perhaps the Obamanation (with perhaps the concomitant destruction of the nation) is the price we have to pay for allowing the abortion regime to grow and thrive in our shores.

After all, God is not mocked.

Nessus said...

Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts; the democrats could not get the super majority (60) votes that are needed for such a major bill like healthcare. So Obama, Pelosi and Reid used parliamentary tricks to get around that rule. So the bill (now law), is a very rare example of a major bill that was voted purely for, by one party and opposed, by the other party. And with clearly about 60% of the public opposed to it, I think the new law lacks legitimacy. Obamacare is basically a shift of wealth from the middle and upper classes to the lower economic class, who are basically permanent democrat voters. It takes half a trillion dollars from Medicare, which is already in the red and applies that money to Obamacare, taking it from the elderly (who need more healthcare) and giving it to young people without insurance, who don’t need much healthcare.

It doesn’t really kick in for 3-4 years although the taxes have already begun. We’re likely to see more companies stopping the health insurance they offer, stop hiring new employees and even letting more people go. Obamacare may become a jobs stimulus program – for India and China. That’s why I think it can be repealed or at least greatly changed.

Ilíon said...

Even had the Democrats not needed to rely upon special little tricks this bill, this pseudo-law will always be unlawful, for it is unConstitutional.