Saturday, March 27, 2010

Be Careful How You Evaluate Relative Standing

My message to militant internet atheists:

If absolutely everyone who disagrees with you in any substantial way is thus a complete idiot, then what precisely does that make you? Just a tiny shade above complete idiot?

My message to self-righteous, conservative-hatin' leftists:

If absolutely everyone to your right is irredeemably selfish and evil, then what does that make you? Just a tiny shade above irredeemably selfish and evil?

As for myself, I'd far rather live in a world where everyone who disagrees with me is absolutely brilliant, and also at the very pinnacle of sanctity. That would be heavenly.

In encountering various forms of know-nothing vitriol, I'm often reminded of the aphorism: "If just about everyone around you is a complete and total assh*le, please consider: it might not be them."

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gemma said...

I am so glad I found this bring some sanity to such insane situations. Thanks.