Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's So Strange. Why Doesn't The Populace Enjoy Being Dictated To By Moral Defectives?

AJ Strata:

What did the Democrats expect? Were they really so naive to think, once they pronounced their superiority over all others, people would just bow down to them?? People were promised the Moon & The Stars by Obama and the liberals. They were promised the good life, where all our needs would be met! The promised to take all the ill gotten gain from the rich and sprinkle it on everyone else (because everyone else is needy in some way). They were going to create wonderful green jobs and bring us wealth beyond our wildest dreams.

Obama not only over promised, just the opposite has happened. Instead his liberal stimulus bill sucked records amount of money out of the people for generations, and then promptly failed to do a damn thing for the economy. Everyone’s pockets are being raided to fund liberal fantasies and power grabs. The rejection of broad tax cuts along with spending cuts by the government – a method that has worked every time it was tried before by President Kennedy, President Reagan and President Bush II – doomed the liberals to failure. Nothing else can lift the economy across the board. Right now only government contractors and government employees (and their unions) are getting any relief, everyone else is all their last legs.

No jobs means housing values continue to fall as people fall behind on payments. Savings are being depleted to zero and the economic engine of consumer spending has gone into neutral. The stock market collapse means once rosy retirements now look dreary. There is dwindling hope that the next generation will be bequeathed an America in better condition than when it was handed to us. It looks more and more like that America is being stolen by power mad fools in DC.


When the government golden goose keeps laying stink-bombs it is no surprise people are ready to carve it up for dinner, especially if they are hungry. The threats of violence are wrong, but so were the actions in DC which prompted this anger. You don’t attack a person’s life and well being and expect a pleasant thank you. In the view of many people, the government is now just another form of organized crime stealing protection money and living the high life while the minions slave away on meager earnings.


Until Democrats back off their madness, anger and frustration is going to continue to grow, and the focus of that anger is going to be the wasteful activities of DC (for example, this mess trying to dictate school lunch menus from the White House). Liberals hit their tipping point all right, now the mood of the country is to tear down the bureaucracy. Everything they fought for is now ‘on the menu’.


Countervail said...

Wow, interesting post title. Let's turn it around.

So you as a Catholic have no concern being dictated to by a pope who protected a priest accused of molesting 200 deaf boys? To my eye he is a moral defective, but I don't see any of your posts calling for the pope to be replaced.

And the TRUTH is that as people come to know and understand the new law, the more they like them, polling better and better each day. The TRUTH is that a significant amount of people were not for the bill because they didn't feel it did enough, with or without a consideration of "moral defectives."

I see by the very header of your blog, you're a confused and easily manipulated person having come and gone through so many "isms" over the years. But do us all a favor and keep the personal conflict INSIDE your head and not on a blog.

IlĂ­on said...

I'm not Roman Catholic, and cannot ever image converting to Catholicism ... and I do not believe the present smears against the Pope.

However, I do see by the content of your post, Countervail, that you are a fool. I think Matteo has far more patience with fools than I have or want to have.