Monday, December 07, 2009

Poor Thing

Perhaps the "horrific situation" she was facing was her own immorality.

From the WSJ of all places, in an article about nouveau girdles:

Before Jessica Kraus put on a tight-fitting frock one recent evening, she wriggled into a $76 piece of flesh-toned underwear that extended from the bottom of her bra to mid-thigh. She felt confident and svelte as she left her apartment to meet friends for cocktails.

Then a few hours later, the 25-year-old Boston event planner was faced with what she says was a "horrific situation." As she was embracing a man she had met that night, Ms. Kraus got to thinking about what lurked beneath her sleek exterior.

"There's no graceful way of taking the thing off," she says.

Honey, you missed the "grace" train long before that point!

As one commenter to the article said:

Pretty sad that nearly all these women were concerned about how the product interfered with their impenitent bouts of fornication.

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