Wednesday, December 23, 2009

After You Take The Coal Out Of Your Stocking, Put It On And Start Kicking Some Asses

Good bits in this piece:

The joke is, of course, that after all the months of legislative sausage-making, the netroots have suddenly decided that they have been sold out. They were just fine with forcing the American people to stand in line at ObamaCare's DMV, or whatever humiliations the public option would require. They were fine with that. But their finely tuned principles could not endure the humiliation of an individual mandate that forced them to buy health insurance from a health insurance company.

At least the netroots admit who they are. Rush Limbaugh famously says that liberals can't admit who they are, at least not when running for office. It's after liberals get elected that they start behaving like liberals, and Americans don't like that. That's why there's a measurable upchuck factor that is fast becoming a "settled science" among political philosophers. Whenever Americans get a look at what liberalism means for them in practice, they hurl.

What's surprising is how Americans ever find out the truth about liberals. It's not as if the mainstream media is busy telling them about the fatal flaws of ObamaCare. And yet somehow, as ObamaCare has moved through Congress, Americans have turned against it. A week ago, Rasmussen had American voters opposing the health bill by 56-40, with 63 percent of seniors opposed.


How did that happen? Fox News, that's how. Fox News consumers have a 75-4 fav/unfav on the Tea Party movement. Broadcast news consumers are even at 28-27. No wonder the Obama White House wants to delegitimize Fox as a news network.

The White House is, of course, merely trying to shoot the messenger as the bad news pours in. We can be sure that the Democrats never imagined last January that they'd be limping across the finish line on ObamaCare with s straight partisan split and a mangled bill. No doubt they assumed that in the end game they would be shaming Republicans -- set up as the party of No -- into voting for a bill that was soaring in the polls with solid support from a grateful American people.

They guessed wrong, and US politics will never be the same. If Democrats would only look in their own secular holiday stockings, they would find that they too have each got a lump of coal engraved with the words "See you in November." So it's lumps of coal all round.

When Santa leaves you a lump of coal, he is trying to send you a message. And in a little over ten months, the American people will be making a list, [and] checking it twice...

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