Monday, December 07, 2009

Out With The Green, In With The Red!

No more half-measures.

And you've got to love this assertion of bona fides:

All who appreciate the enormity of the climate crisis still have a responsibility to make every change possible in their personal lives. I have, from the solar panels on my roof to the Prius in my driveway to my low-carbon-footprint vegetarian diet. But surveys show that very few people are willing to make significant voluntary changes, and those of us who do create the false impression of mass progress as the media hypes our actions.

No self-conscious irony there.

Also, we're all doomed:

As America joins the rest of the world in finally fighting global warming, we need to bring our battle plan up to scale. If you believe that astronauts have been to the moon and that the world is not flat [and that Jesus was a hoax?], then you probably believe the satellite photos showing the Greenland ice sheet in full-on meltdown. Much of Manhattan and the Eastern Shore of Maryland may join the Atlantic Ocean in our lifetimes. Entire Pacific island nations will disappear. Hurricanes will bring untold destruction. Rising sea levels and crippling droughts will decimate crops and cause widespread famine. People will go hungry, and people will die.

Not a single mention of Climategate. You'd think someone so deathly afraid of the Eco-Apocalypse would be relieved to have evidence that maybe things aren't all that bad. Wouldn't you?

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