Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not Only Are They Delusional About The Existence Of The Problem, But Now They Want To Use The "Crisis" As An Excuse For Massively Polluting

Leftists seem to always, always have destruction as their deeply buried goal, often enough telegraphing what they intend to destroy by what "concerns" them. They claim to be worried about the contents of the atmosphere. Lo and behold, polluting the skies with sulphur particles is their "solution". Curiously, the same folks who think there is danger of a runaway greenhouse effect due to CO2 show no worry of a runaway ice age generator due to sulphur.

Somehow sulphur seems appropriate as a symbol of salvation for these people.


Nathan Myhrvold also thinks that he has found a cheap and reliable way to solve global warming, which does not involve upending and perhaps destroying the world's economy. The global warming solution proposed by Nathan Myhvold involves running a hose up to the stratosphere with balloons and using that hose to pump out enough sulfur particles to dim the sun's heat just enough to counteract the effects of global warming. The estimated cost would be about two hundred and fifty million dollars.

Nathan Myhrvold suggests that volcanoes and other natural processes already pump out sulfur into the stratosphere and that his scheme, if adopted, would increase that amount by only one percent. Nathan Myhrvold therefore thinks that there would not be any unintended consequences (like starting a new ice age.)


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