Monday, December 21, 2009

In 1994 We Went Easy On You

AJ Strata:

Thankfully, the liberals have established such a glaring example of incompetence and failure they have set the stage for wiping out the Democrat Party in the up coming elections.

Here is what one Democrat Congressman heard from We The People as he went back into his deep blue state recently for some special election campaigning:

… caucus chairman John Larson (D-Conn.) told the group he wanted them to hear first from Rep. Michael Capuano, who’d just returned from a primary campaign for the Senate seat in Massachusetts vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy.

and took to the microphone, looked out at his colleagues and condensed what he’d learned into two words. “You’re screwed,” …

The nation does not want DC messing with health care right now. It wants good paying, career oriented jobs (not flagman jobs on highway construction). It does not want more debt piled on our children and their children, we want to be able to make a good living and take care of our kids. We don’t want a nanny state – we want independence.

Those voters likely to come out in a rage next November, after we suffer through this holiday in a mess, are just licking their chops to throw the bums out. The Dems are screwed. If they think 1994 was bad they will soon find out what bad is really like. In 1994 we had just beaten the evil Saddam Hussein, the Iron Curtain of oppression had just fallen and democracies were blossoming all across the former Soviet Union. The need for warriors on the front lines had just dissipated massively (which had been the traditional conservative strong point).

Even more the nation was recovering from a mild recession and the nation decided to give the Democrats a shot at bringing on that Nirvana they keep claiming is only a few lefty policies away. Against this back drop the Democrats were booted from decades of control of Congress because of liberal over reaching.

But in 1994 the over reaching (and incompetence) never had a chance to stop the peace spreading across the world or the booming 1990’s dot com bubble.

2009 is not 1994 – it will be much, much worse for Democrats There is no peace spreading through out the world, there is no booming economy in motion. There is no buffer to hide the liberal insanity.


Now let’s fast forward to April 15th, 2010. There will still be high unemployment and underemployment. There will still be record breaking deficits. There will be no fix to health care. There will be more people fed up with liberal fiction.

Now let’s fast forward to Memorial Day weekend and the beginning of summer. Jobs will not have come back, the deficits will have grown some more and the health care taxes will be biting hard (but no fix scheduled for 3 more years). The summer economy will be in a shambles. More foreclosures, more bank closings, more angst and suffering.

Now let’s move to July 4th, where the DC democrats will be pretending they saved the planet and the country. The stagecraft will be glaringly at odds with the reality of more months of a jobless recovery.

Now forward to Labor Day. School is starting and people are struggling to afford new supplies and clothes. The underemployment picture will not have changed, and we face a fall just like the one we just went through.

Does any sane person think the Democrats will be rewarded at the voting booth by the army of seniors and independents who will be coming out in angry droves? The only question we have as a nation right now is can we survive until next Thanksgiving, when we may actually be giving thanks for a new lease on life.


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