Saturday, June 19, 2010

We Never Could Have Figured It Out Without You Geniuses

This is entirely deserved:
You know, folks like Noonan and Mort Zuckerman whining about Obama, after they praised him, pushed him, and voted for him in the face of all the evidence that led less besotted observers to see him for the empty suit he was, and is, leave me stone cold. Especially because these are the same snotty jackasses who arrogate to themselves superiority over those us us less “perceptive” folks.

Listen up, you punked, chumped boobs: We looked at Obama not through your rose colored hallucinations, but through the cold, clear spectacles of reality. None of what he’s done since has surprised us one bit. In fact, many of us, myself included, predicted it even before his coronation by people like you. Yes, it’s nice that after a year and a half of horrible examples, the truth about him is finally beginning to penetrate your skulls. But why, for the love of god, couldn’t you see it at the beginning, when it was no less obvious, but your understanding of it might have done some good?

Actually, never mind. Since Obama’s election will turn out to be the worst thing to happen to the leftist project in America in the past hundred years, and will free a generation from the chains of leftist quackery at just the time such freedom is most sorely needed, I actually thank our lucky stars for useful idiots like you two. Without such, we might have been saddled with John McCain, and that would truly have been a disaster for conservatism, liberty, and America.

So, thanks. I guess.
I agree. We are vastly, vastly better off than if McCain had won. Too many voters have some serious learnin' to do, and a hapless four or eight years under McCain would have been worthless toward this end. I don't want to be 70 when sanity returns to this country, do you?

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Quite Rightly said...

Today it occurred to me: Now that Maureen Dowd and other libs have ventured to put a few words of dissastisfaction with Obama into print, I may be accepted into "polite society" again. Somehow my knuckles have magically stopped dragging on the floor.