Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh, Such A Hardee-Har-Har

Except there is very little on this "creationist bingo" card that any actually informed person should disagree with. Perhaps a few squares, but it is telling that all the atheist fools have left is simple mockery of the very things that have blown their little Godless "scientific" theory out of the water. It was all over but the shouting in about 1996, as far as I'm concerned. This inane little graphic just constitutes more shouting.

It makes about as much sense as 9/11 Truthers having a little bingo card with such items as "Footage Of Planes Hitting Buildings", "El Qaeda Taking Credit", "Accelerated Metal Fatigue In Critical Girders", "1993 Attempt", "U.S.S. Cole Bombing", "Khobar Towers", "Unarmed Passengers", "Boxcutters", and "Jihad" in order to mock the idea that terrorists brought down the WTC.

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