Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Good Doctor Zero Piece


A taste:
Jindal is often dismissed for delivering a clumsy speech at the dawn of his national career, but the yeoman Republicans understand something the rest of their country is slowly realizing: leadership has little to do with impressing pundits and scoring well at Washington parlor games. The current occupant of the Oval Office had a finely drafted political resume, stuffed with empty “achievements” that qualified him to do nothing except demand money and power. The horrifying inadequacy of such hollow men is on display off the coast of Louisiana.


Federal and state governments are riddled with people like Barack Obama, producing a system completely focused on feeding itself, and too bloated to take effective action. It is almost completely insulated from consequence. Its wits are dulled by its perceived lack of budgetary or behavioral restrictions. Its deconstruction will require the conviction and charisma of Sarah Palin, the brilliance of Bobby Jindal, the courage of New Jersey governor Chris Christie, and the enthusiasm of the primary winners from Tuesday night. The American people should no longer settle for representatives whose resumes contain nothing but political accomplishments – as if those are somehow worth a damn compared to private-sector experience. It took a lot of accomplished politicians to engineer a government with over a hundred trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities.


The victors in the November elections will win front-line positions in the greatest economic, cultural, and political struggle of our lifetimes. Their challenge will be to reintroduce concepts like due process, Constitutional restraint, and fiscal responsibility to a public grown accustomed to suspending all of those things, during a never-ending string of “emergencies.” They’ll have to explain why “freedom” is not a careful bargain with unlimited state power, and why markets are not “free” when the State has the power to revoke anyone’s presence in them, whenever it sees fit. They will be tasked with teaching an increasingly dependent population that no society can survive for long by devouring itself. There will be no room on the front lines for tired old men whose primary concern is negotiating a good price for their [own] surrender.

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