Monday, April 27, 2009

Queens Of Hypocrisy

A couple of well-written "had it up to here" responses to the Perez Hilton Inquisition. From Andrew Breitbart. And also from this commenter at GayPatriot:

After 30+ years of being out and mostly very proud, my sense of connection to “the gay community” over the last several years has been thinning to the point where –to my utter amazement– I don’t like to refer to myself using the G word that much anymore.

Lord knows my sexual orientation is as happily focussed on Humans Living With Testosterone as it ever was. Even more, if that’s possible! But the antics of the “LGBT” leadership and media and the herdlike ways of the tribe have worn me out. Jack Malebranche’s spot-on manifesto “Androphilia” really ripped a Titanical hole in my social identity when he ranted on, very articulately, about the unholy trinity of anti-male feminism, leftwing politics and group victimism that now shapes the gay worldview.

Then this…flesh-creeping troll, Perez Hilton…an eerie part-boy, mostly drag-queen in PMS creature…whom I had barely heard of before…shreds this poor woman for having the audacity to hold a view of marriage universally assumed in the West for two millennia. And he uses really vile language in public. The whole scene disgusts me, both for narcissism and for rank cowardice.

If she had been black, you know for sure that Miss Thing –a stupid gay phrase that in PH’s case really fits– would not have been making videos with the B and the C words in it.

Why would I want to be part of a group that has such human trash in it…and, unless I’ve missed it…let’s him go on his merry way unchallenged!

If the scenario were reversed and some beauty queen in favor of gay marriage was trashed by a conservative judge like that, she’d the the Queen of Martyrs by lunchtime and we’d be hearing the calls to man the barricades against the imminent concentration camps of the “bigots” and “haters”.

The gay community is full to the brim with bigots and haters. I am almost out of patience and am wondering where I send in my Q Identity card for a refund.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree!

USMaleSF said...

I am the GayPatriot commenter.

The author of "Androphilia" is a friend of mine and on Facebook noted some blogs where his book was mentioned recently. I went to read what I thought would be a review, and there I was :) Cyber-circularity.

As you can tell, I was pretty riled when I wrote that. It is a sad lesson of history and so no surprise, but no less saddening and infuriating, that people who see themselves as victims of tyranny often become the very kind of tyrants they profess to hate. They believe that their suffering, both real and hyped and imagined, justifies, well, anything. Since Stonewall we have gone from "Leave us along to lives out lives in peace" to "Unless you agree with everything I want, off with your head." This attitude infects gay culture and I will have none of it. I am a First (and Second) Amendment kind of guy.

I am a "gay" man who is very much at home with my erotic self but post 9/11 my scattered discontent with my longtime liberalism congealed into a pretty rank (!) conservative right-wingery.

At my gym yesterday, after showing a man my displeasure at one of the endless Bush-bashing jokes people still make (ZZZZZZ), he said, "Oh, are you a Republican?" My reply: "Hey, I am way past Republican. Republicans are pussies." For some reason, the conversation ended.

I am a former and very well-educated and experienced Catholic who still holds the Catholic tradition is very high regard, despite my deep disagreement over whether my loving another man is a gift from God (my pov) or a sin (RC pov). This is a vexed question over which reasonable people can disagree without violence, including verbal.
And I understand why the Church can't find a way to OK my choice. No need to call in the Spanish, or worse, the Liberal, Inquisition...staffed with inhuman wretches like Hilton.

I'm glad you found yourself a home in the Great Church of Rome --I miss her sometimes, she who shaped my soul--and I am not at all surprised that becoming a conservative Catholic Republican made you a nicer guy.

But what were you doing reading GayPatriot?

Matteo said...

Wow, thanks for stopping by, USMaleSF! I agree with you about the pussitude of Republicans. Probably at some point I need to change the wording of my blog header, written in 2004 before the GOP acted like a bunch of neutered, worthless fools.

GayPatriot is often linked by Instapundit, so I definitely read it from time to time over the years, but it became a daily stop during the Prop 8 campaign/aftermath. It still is, due to the interestingness of the posts and discussions.

It's good to hear from someone who bears the Church no deep animosity due to doctrinal disagreements. For myself, I think there is a convincing case to be made for Magisterial Infallibility, which has led me to conform myself to Church teaching in all the "controversial" areas. I was once a pro-abortion, pro-fornication, pro-drugs kind of guy, but am much happier now. There are immense amounts of grace via the Rosary and the Sacrament of Confession for anyone who wants to change themselves. Please understand, I say this for the purpose of encouragement and not judgment.

Anyway, thanks for the eloquent comment, both at GayPatriot and on this blog, and thanks for stopping by!

USMaleSF said...

Just wanted to note that whenever I have engaged conservatives, and my sexuality is included in the exchange, I have unfailingly been treated with respect, even if disagreement was clear and vigorous. and no minds were change. You continue that tradition. Thanks.

On the other hand, the only times I have been name-called or had injury or death wished on me was in exchanges with liberals, especially liberal gays, when I dare to take a position not on the approved politically correct list.

I work as a psychotherapist and I often see people in victim mode justifying all sorts of bad behavior by appealing to their pain. Seems to me that a lot of liberal fears of the hateful, superstitious, bigoted, repressive and fascist Right Wing is in fact a projection of their own shadow selves. Here in SF especially, city of love and tolerance, I see a lot of that.