Friday, April 10, 2009

"The Only Warning We'd Have Is Dying"

Can't we buy some carbon offsets or something?


Dan Kurt said...

Old mainly ex amateur astronomer. Joined an amateur astronomer association and under their direction ground and polished a glass blank into a 1/8th wave surface. Yes built a telescope age 15-16 during High School circa 1957. Next got into electronics: circuits 1 and Physics 1 ( college level ) while finishing HS then College, University, Post Doc 1, throw in a few years as an Officer in Service, Post Doc 2 then Career moving all over the USA it seems but through it all still reading about Astronomy more and observing less and less. During youth had access, sporatic, to large telescopes thanks to the amateur astronomer association and a friend who was working on his Doctorate in Astronomy and eventually buying a Quantum 6 which is similar to a Qwestar which I still have all the while I continued to subscribe to Sky & Telescope and read cover to cover.

You are saying what is the point of all of this blather. Well, I wanted for you to know that I have digested Astronomical propaganda for over 50 years and believe this to be my conclusion:
Astrology is to Astronomy as Astronomy is to the TRUTH.

Black Holes are unlikely to exist. Red shift is unlikely to be a true phenomenon of expansion of the universe or a reliable distance marker. The Big Bang is a hoax. Dark Matter is likely to be a figment of the imagination. Comets are probably not dirty snowballs. The sun is unlikely to be GAS all the way down and fusion in its core is unlikely to be occurring.

Electricity probably powers the universe and electrical phenomenon probably overpowers or combines with the effects of gravity to explain our cosmos.

I don't have a clue as to what actually causes a nova or super nova but doubt if the Astronomers have a clue either.

Dan Kurt

p.s. Love your Blog. Why? You introduced me to the Market Ticker.

MAS1916 said...

Ah... buying carbon offsets is one of those new green industries the Leader says will create jobs. Hooray.