Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Fall Of The Third American Republic

Fascinating article about the shape of things to come.

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Anonymous said...

"Social conservatives claim control over other people’s desire to terminate their own lives"

I find the thought process for Darwinian apes with Harvard Law degrees quite fascinating, don't they know about this thing call suicide.

People are free to kill themselves (no I not advocating they do commit suicide) the problem is that they're too cowardly to do it themselves so they want the law to provide another person to commit legalized murder they themselves are too cowardly to commit upon themselves.

Just as with the abortion issue, one does necessarily need to be a 'social conservative' or a religious person to understand and appreciate just how destructive these Darwinian ideals are towards a civilized humanity.

I can't take Darwinian apes seriously; it's like they're bananas only their all rotten and mushy with gnats and fruit flies buzzing all over the place.