Monday, September 29, 2008

Socialist Termites Never Quit Chewin'

Well said:

Can't you people see you're being rolled? And you're BEGGING to be rolled! That's the funniest part. You're too stupid to even realize you're not getting a reach around.

Sure, I can see Nancy Pelosi coming back with a bill that says, "We plan to sell these toxic mortgages, which are the result of people with no income, no savings, and bad credit taking out loans they cannot possibly pay to buy houses they cannot afford, and use the profits to fund groups that help people with no income, no savings, and bad credit take out loans for houses."

She really is that dumb. And I hope she does it, because if you thought the Blue Dogs were pissed today, they'll be even more so then.

Also this:

"no, we paid $1 trillion to avoid being socialized. We can make the money back. We damn well know that structural changes could be forever."

Well said. Principle is everything, or it is nothing. If you're only principled until it becomes personally painful, guess what?

You're unprincipled.

If your comfortable sinecure means so much, might as well give 'em their Living Constitution while we're at it (in return for more bread and louder circuses, of course) and have done.

And this:

The reality is that this is a game of political chicken. The problem for Pelosi is that, at the end of the day, the House Republicans hold all the cards. If she jams through a party-line vote, Democrats lose at the ballot box. She knows it, and they know it. She needs their political cover and she knows a deal needs to get done. If the House Republicans are smart, they'll make sure it's done more on their terms than hers.

And this:

This is a boy who cried wolf problem. I have lost faith in congress to the extent that I am not going to simply believe them when they tell us that we need to spend another trillion dollars. I am not going to simply believe them when their solution furthers the interest of the most socialistic liberals nor when they have tried to load it up with give-aways to ACORN and who knows who else. I am not going to simply believe them when they now essentially admit that the figure of $700,000,000 was just intend to indicate a really big number and was not intended to actually represent reality.

I am tired of being manipulated and lied to. Maybe they are right this time, I don't know, but they have lied to me too many times in the past for me to accept their word for anything. Incidentally, if you think financial collapse is bad, try a little global warming. The polar caps are melting, polar bears are drowning, and even here in the Rocky Mountains we're going to get our feet wet. If you're willing to pay $1,000,000,000,000 to keep Wall Street happy, surely $1,000,000,000,000,000 isn't too much to keep from drowning. And I know that is a real problem because they told me so.

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