Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Fix Is In

Great Anchoress post. It inspired this comment:

All of this is extremely distressing. We know the fix is in and the media are in love with someone they don’t know. Soneone no one knows.

Obama has no history to speak of, or at least nothing he’ll willingly share — just a vague terms like community organizer and lawyer. When people start asking questions or looking into his records, they’re shouted down and threatened.

There is no one from Obama’s past that vouches for him — that stands on the stage with him and says, “I know this man. I’ve known him for most of his life. This is who is is.” We haven’t heard from any friends or acquaintances from college, high school or his working years at a law firm or as a community organizer. Those he used for background on his website, Jeremiah Wright, Father Pfleger, etc., have all been thrown under the bus because they were so unseemly. Why doesn’t that frighten people?

We don’t know his grades or his coursework because his college record is hidden. He didn’t write any law review articles even though he was elected the president of the Harvard Law Review. His law firm records are hidden. His communications from his time as an Illinois State Senator are lost.

Information that does leak out does so in publications that aren’t widely read and the media chooses to mostly ignore. But that information is alarming. His work for ACORN, his connections with Saul Alinsky disciples Ayers and McNight his profile in The Reader and his few writings like his article “After Alinsky: Community Organizing in Illinois” offer a frightening look at what’shiding behind a seemingly pleasant demeanor.

The fix is in, and we know it because we know if a republican candidate was as far-right as Obama is far-left, the media would be apoplectic.

He is their ticket back to power, as the Anchoress noted, more than the haughty but dim John Kerry or the dull and unexceptional Al Gore. They’ve seen enough of his activist history, the history they won’t share because it’s so unpalatable, to know how he’ll use his power. So they cover his campaigning with romantic prose and let the voters project onto that pleasing outer shell whatever they want to see.

We are in for very dangerous times.

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