Sunday, September 28, 2008

SNL Did A Pretty Decent Job With Their Skits

You can see them here. The third one (Clinton) is quite amusing. Interestingly the second one (McCain/Obama) does more to slam Obama for his sleazy Chicago connections than any MSM news outlet has ever done. And the first is an all-too-accurate spoof of the Palin/Couric interview. Sarahcuda had better get her interview mojo working soon, because it's been pretty wretched so far. I was fairly dispirited about this yesterday, but after having a look at the interview she did with Maria Bartiromo just before she was nominated, I know she's a lot sharper than she's lately been able to project. If she doesn't fix this soon, she's toast. Basically she needs to control the interview process, explain that she can't possibly know every detail they might want to ask her about at this point, state clearly what her general outlook and philosophy is, and name names on the other side. Screw the policy-wonkery gotcha stuff. There's no reason she needs to play that game. She doesn't really need to answer the questions put to her, but does need to use the time she's given to expound on general principles. I'm surprised that Republicans continue to be incapable of using a two-by-four where it's needed. Why don't any of them say something along these lines:

"You know, I've got a lot I'm going to need to learn about the finer details of foreign policy. However, I will tell you this. I can promise the American people that they can count on me to never do the outrageous things done by the Democrats in the last eight years. If you vote, as the Democrats did, to authorize a war, then Katie, that means you are all in. Under no circumstances after committing American troops should you start to bellyache in public that it was all a big mistake, and that the only option left is to lose. Such a thing is entirely disgraceful. You cannot pull the rug out from under the country like this. It demoralizes our men and women in combat, emboldens our enemies to wait us out, discourages the Iraqis from bravely stepping up to defend their country and build up their society, and sends a message all over the world, to both our enemies and allies, that America cannot really be counted on. As I just said it is a disgrace, and it's one of the many reasons I'm not a Democrat. I could just never go along with that kind of defeatism, that kind of cowardice, or that kind of treachery. Next question?"

I don't know what it is with Republicans. They are far too afraid to say what needs saying, and are hence part of the problem.


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Matteo said...

Mistakes were made, and I apologize for that, but darn it, foxfier, I want you and the American people to know, that after owning up to it, I have fixed the missing link. Oh, and for anyone out there who might want to make a joke about "missing link" and my alleged creationist leanings, I just want to say two things. Number one: it is an entirely obvious joke and I beat you to it, and number two, I am not a creationist as the term is commonly understood. I do however, believe in the same Creator referred to in our Declaration of Independence, the one from whom our rights come, and the one in whom most of our founding fathers believed, and I don't find the idea that there might be some scientific evidence of his creative work to be at all "fringe", "out of the mainstream", or "outrageous". Indeed, I find, as I'm sure most Americans do, that it is those who would deny the possibility of such a thing that are "out of the mainstream". But, rest assured, we love them anyway, and are ready to stand up to protect their God-given rights to disagree with us. We only ask the same from them in return.
Next question?


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