Monday, February 18, 2008

Evolutionary Reasoning

Joe G captures the essence:

Stonehenge without Intelligent Design

Stonehenge- built from stones. Big stones. Stones made by mother nature. Thanks mom.

Now if we follow the evolutionary logic- the only reason we infer that Stonehenge was designed is because we couldn't imagine how mother nature could have built such a thing.

That would mean that if someone could imagine how mother nature could have "built" it, then the design inference fails.

OK so we know that mom can build stones, big stones. Check.

We know that glaciers can carry stones, even big stones.

Mom makes glaciers. Check.

Glaciers can also carve out stones and shape them.

Glaciers melt and the stones fall. Some may be carried back a little before being deposited.

So a glacier forms, carving out big pieces of stone and deposit them in England. Some of the massive stones are verticle and the wet, muddy ground was soft enough to let them sink in a bit such that they stood upright once the glacier had passed.

The horizontal pieces could be deposited during that same glacial period or during a later one.

Then primitive man, just out of his apeskin suit, saw the structure and set up camp.

The rest is history.

That scenario is more likely than the origins of living organisms from non-living matter via mother nature and father time.

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