Thursday, July 12, 2007

This Isn't Rocket Science

Mark Shea responds to a couple of critics.

One of them says in a column,

Yesterday ubermodel Giselle Bundchen spoke out against the Catholic church's condom ban during Rio's Fashion Week. That isn't terribly surprising. I'm with her and we both may be with an increasing number of people inside the Vatican who are questioning the policy - possibly even the Pope. I find it horrifying that condoms that can save lives throughout the world are spiritually banned.

A commenter to the column states the obvious:

Let's see, now... the Catholic Church forbids fornication.

So, by definition, anyone in the Third World who's out fornicating and infecting others with the HIV virus is plainly IGNORING whatever the Church says about sex.

And yet, you think people who ignore Church teaching on chastity and monogamy are meekly obeying the Church's teachings on contraception?

Ya might wanna rethink that.

And a comment to Shea's post:

I'll use my Bass Amp analogy: The manual with my bass amp warns not to submerge it it water because serious injury or death could result from electrocution. Why? Because the amp wasn't designed for that. So when I submerge it water anyway and I get killed my family can't be serious by going to the company and say it's their fault for not educating me how to safely submerge my amp in water.

So it is with sex and condoms. Man's sexuality was not designed for fornication, and it is a rank lie for health officials to tell them there is a safe way to fornicate.

Shea also has a nice round-up of reactions to the latest "controversial" actions of the Pope.


Anonymous said...

Man's sexuality was not designed for fornication ... then what was it designed for ?

Matteo said...

It was designed by God for marital love, of which fornication (defined as sex outside of marriage) is a corruption.