Thursday, July 12, 2007

Excellent Summation

Denyse O'Leary tells us what really is in Behe's latest book, and then shows us how it is being "argued" against. It is quite a hilarious contrast.

Darwinists. Poor things. They're not used to having to argue for their position (argument is more than saying "here's the way it is"; you also have to answer arguments as they are actually given by critics, but that whole idea seems to be an insult to the tender sensibilities of Darwinists), so they throw their little tantrums and start calling names. Or appeal to the infallible arbiters of all scientific authority, Federal judges. Or, as Michael Ruse does, bolster their case by raising that ultimate specter of infamous villainy, George W. Bush, even associating the Intelligent Design movement with the Iraq war, just for good measure. Anything to get you not to read Behe's book(s) (which most of the "free-thinkers" I've encountered in this debate are proud to proclaim they have not and will not read)!

Quite an effective and honorable scientific counterargument you've got going there, guys. Do keep it up. There is a whole world to be converted!

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