Monday, July 16, 2007

The Most Popular Science Blogger

P.Z. Meyers has been highlighted by Nature Magazine as having the most popular science blog. One of his recent science posts is highlighted here:

"My cause is simply the truth — the truth stated plainly and openly." So says PZ Myers. So what is the truth? The Champion of Truth and Ambassador of Science will now tell us The Truth.

There is no god, or to say it in the most optimistic and sensitive way possible for a rational person, there is absolutely no evidence for a god…..You've got crazy-ass megalomaniacal evangelical kooks telling people to hate their gay/muslim/hindu/godless/female/evolutionist neighbors, you've got mobs believing them, you've got people electing presidents on the basis of how fanatically they will wage a crusade, and you've got even more swooning with the vapors at anyone who criticizes religious belief. Religion makes you nuts. It makes ordinary people identify with invisible spirits, it turns them into caterwauling flibbertigibbet idiots at any slight to a magic man who has never done a thing for them, and it makes them center their lives around head-dunkings and cracker-eating and gibbering chants to an unheeding phantasm.

But what Champion of Truth would be a champion without a Prescription for All? Dr. Truth dazzles us with his Inner Strength and beckons everyone to follow.

You've been given your prescription, people of faith: you believe in a lot of goofy, stupid, ridiculous ideas. You can resign yourself to them if you aren't strong enough to part from them — I'm not going to follow you to church and drag you out with a choke-chain — or you can wake up. It's all up to you. One thing you don't get to do is silence the people who point and laugh.


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Plastic Yank said...

Has Myers, I wonder, ever anticipated that perhaps people will point and laugh at him?

I'm certainly tempted to.