Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Not Faking It Is Just Plain Easier

Mark Shea:

The Left Continues to Battle the "We Hate Christians, and Indeed God, with Every Fiber of Our Being" Image Problem

The reason they have this image problem is because of the bleedin' obvious fact that Christian-hatred is endemic on the Left as even a casual reading of Kos, DU, or a thousand other gung-ho Lefty sites will demonstrate. This weird synthetic piety is about as fake as Dukakis in a tank or Hillary baking cookies. I'd have more respect for them if they just didn't phony it up.

Not that GOP elders are bastions of sincerity. They quite often hold their religious party faithful at arm's length disdain. The difference is, precisely, that the party faithful of the Dems--the energized base--tend to be the God-and Christian-haters and the party elders have no problem with that (Amanda Marcotte anyone?). However, the Dems have to play toward the middle if they want to win, and the middle tends to be Christian. So they have to pretend that the zealous Christian-hating flesh eaters who constitute their base don't exist and they are jes' like folks. GOP elders don't have to pretend that their base is as deeply religious as the rest of middle America. They just have to pretend that they are. Having less to prove in this department, they can afford to just say the Usual Stuff about family values and not have to have weird quasi-show trial conducted by Soledad O'Brien in which they have to make bogus confessions of sin to prove that they speaka the lingo.

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