Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Quite Completely Insane

Another one for the political psychosis file. The piece is not a rant, but one of the most spurious pieces of analysis that I've seen. Hewitt comments:

Need cheering up? Then spend some time with MyDD's Chris Bower's assessment of the demise of the Right Wing Blogopshere.

The inability of the left to deal with reality is the inherent weakness of the left. Exhibit A in the case proving this wilfull ignorance is Bowers'assertion that "[t]he right-wing is not building new institutions online anymore."

Soxblog, you must now stop blogging. Ed Morrissey, cease. ConfirmThem, RedState, the blog row at --shutter the windows and lock the door behind you. You too, RealUglyAmerican,KennedyvMachine, Kelly, Yon, and Roggio. Chris says it is over. Everybody, go on home.

Not you, T.F. Boggs. Keep fighting the war, but Mr. Bowers prefers you not blog about it anymore.

In fact the blogging movement remains vibrant and far more productive on the right than on the left, where the leading blogs continue to spread venom and habits of expression and thought that are ruinous to the short-, medium- and long-term interests of the Democratic Party. Not only is the center-right blogopshere stronger and deeper than it was even a year ago, its counterpart is falling deeper and deeper into an abyss wherein very little in the way of logic or fact penetrate.

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