Friday, March 24, 2006

Hewitt Is On Fire

Good stuff from Hugh Hewitt. He interviews VDH (two separate MP3's, second is midway down the transcript), Reynolds and Kaus, and Mark Steyn. I downloaded the MP3's and queued 'em in WinAmp, yielding an excellent commercial free interview show. Main topic was the growing backlash against the seditious MSM. I liked this quote from Glenn Reynolds:

One thing I've noticed about the press, by the way, the defensiveness I've seen in the last week or two illustrates a couple of things. I think first it shows that even they realize that they've gone too far and overplayed their hand, and it's likely to come back to bite them. The other thing I think they've figured out is imagine that in fact, what they're doing succeeds, that we do lose the war, that it is seen as another Vietnam. A substantial portion of the American public, 30, 40%, at least, is going to blame them and hold a grudge that will last decades. Now is that a position they want to be in? Because that's what's going to happen, and they will have earned it.

Yes, filling a huge part of your potential customer base with seething, enduring resentment would definitely be an asinine move.

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