Monday, March 13, 2006

ID'ists Are After Our Precious Bodily Fluids

Frightening details here:

Some of you have yet to grasp just how dangerous ID is. Barbara Forrest will set you straight:

More is at stake in the ID issue than science education, though that’s important enough by itself. ID creationists must not be viewed in a vacuum. The insidious feature of ID is not only its attack on public education, but the fact that ID creationism is another column in the Religious Right’s decades-old attack on secular, constitutional democracy. And ID proponents are plugged into the conservative political and Religious Right power structure. As most people now know, their supporters include the president of the United States. They also include U.S. senators (Rick Santorum, Bill Frist, John McCain, Judd Gregg, and Sam Brownback) and congressmen (e.g., House Majority Leader John Boehner). Three state governors, Ernie Fletcher of Kentucky, Mark Sanford of South Carolina, and Rick Perry of Texas, have announced their support for teaching ID in public school science classes. The Discovery Institute creationists are the most politically well-connected creationists with whom we have had to deal. This is what makes ID a significant and dangerous phase in the history of American creationism. Their attack on evolution symbolizes their contempt for public education, modern science, and ultimately the Enlightenment ideals on which American constitutional democracy is based. The Wedge Document clearly shows that ID creationists want to overthrow secular culture and public policy, to which the only alternative is some type of theocracy.

According to Forrest, if you are a proponent of ID, that makes you a creationist, which makes you part of a column in the Religious Right, which makes you an enemy of public education, modern science, and ultimately the Enlightenment ideals, which means you are opposed to American constitutional democracy, which means you want to set up some type of theocracy.

Of course, only you, dear reader, really know whether it is true that you are part of a column in the Religious Right that opposes public education, modern science, and ultimately the Enlightenment ideals, because you want to replace our American constitutional democracy with some type of theocracy. If you do, then Forrest has your number.

If you don’t, well, just think about the fact that Forrest is considered the premier expert on the ID crowd.

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