Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Military Recruiting Supreme Court Case Distilled Into A Webchat

Via Ace Of Spades, from a thread:

Welcome to #lawschool.
lawadmin govt students lawprofs cashmoney
rotc ( has entered #lawschool.
<rotc> join teh army!
<students> yuo sux0r
<lawprofs> this room isn't for you
lawadmin has set mode +b for rotc!**.mil for #lawschool
rotc has been kicked out of #lawschool by lawadmin (dont ask dont tell is g4y)
<govt> hey that's a friend of mine
<lawadmin> stfu
<students> lol
<govt> seriusly du0d let him in
<lawadmin> no wai
<govt> yes wai
<lawadmin> he sux0rz
<govt> fine
govt has set mode +b for cashmoney!**.gov for #lawschool
cashmoney has been kicked out of #lawschool by govt (yuo don't need this then lol)
<students> !O*(#
<lawadmin> OMGWTFBBQ!
<lawprofs> 1st amendment oh noes!
<lawadmin> that bot make sure we have ops in channel
<govt> liek i care its my bot
<lawadmin> yuo are so sued!
<lawprofs> 1st amendment oh noes!
<lawprofs> 1st amendment oh noes!
<lawprofs> 1st amendment oh noes!
<lawprofs> 1st amendment oh noes!
<students> rotc wants us to become drones!
Welcome to #supcourt.
CJRobertS stev0wnd TheScalia kennedy s0ut3r
clarence gin-burg breyr 0-c0n lawadmin
<clarence> I be strokin! Dat's what I be doin'!
<breyr> rofl
<stev0wnd> stfu clarence
<CJRobertS> sup lawadmin
<lawadmin> du0dz govt sux0rz
<kennedy> govt can be pretty cool la
<gin-burg> we play CS:CTF on tues nites
<0-c0n> goin afk
<TheScalia> man he sux at CTF
<TheScalia> hes a campr
<s0ut3r> wats wrong with camp?
<TheScalia> stfu mistar imminent domains!
<CJRobertS> whatd govt do?
<TheScalia> lol
<lawadmin> he kicked out his bot from channel
<s0ut3r> lol
govt ( has entered #supcourt.
<TheScalia> wtf are u doin in this chan govt? where is teh chex + balancez?
<govt> i checked and balanced your mom last night
<clarence> LOL
<gin-burg> LMAO
<govt> she was awesome
<TheScalia> yuo sux
<govt> lol whatev
<govt> if they want my bot, they gotta let rotc in
<lawadmin> man rotc sux
<0-c0n> i gotta go l8r
<s0ut3r> cya
<TheScalia> bye
<stev0ned> bye
<clarence> l8r
o-c0n has left irc (retired).
<gin-burg> call me k?
l33t0 ( has joined #supcourt.
<l33t0> whatd i miss!
<CJRobertS> nothin rofl!
CJRobertS has set mode +o for l33t0!
<l33t0> xlnt
<CJRobertS> np
<CJRobertS> so what should we do about teh problem in #lawschool?
<l33t0> i dunno wasn't here
<kennedy> let in rotc
<clarence> rotc is TEH BOMB
<TheScalia> rotc || !cashmoney
<gin-burg> rotc kix ass CTF so rotc
<s0ut3r> rotc should be in
<breyr> rotc
<stev0wnd> just /ignore rotc if yuo dont like him
<CJRobertS> so its UNAN1MOUS
<govt> xlnt
<gin-burg> that shows gonna suk
<kennedy> no wai itll rawk
<lawadmin> u guyz sux
<clarence> i hope that one du0d goes crazy and starts stabbin ppl
<CJRobertS> yuo just wanna be us
lawadmin has been kicked out of #supcourt by CJRobertS (WAPNERED!)
govt has been kicked out of #supcourt by CJRobertS (stop camping yuo fggt)
<l33t0> rofl
<gin-burg> stfu n00b

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