Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What Ace Said


In countries dominated by Muslims, the Muslim religion is usually the state-sponsored one, with all other religions relegated to second-class (if that) status, or dhimmitude.

We cannot allow angry Islamists, by protesting, bombing, and killing, to force upon us the same priviledged status for Islam in the West -- where any religion or belief can be parodied, derided, or blasphemed, except the Muslim faith, which must and shall be protected from all insult at any cost.

This isn't just about cartoons. This is about the Islamists' attempts to inflict their theocracy upon us. Not even through war and conquest, which would be terrible enough. But through something even worse-- sheer cowardice on our part. They are attempting to impose their belief system upon us through our own voluntary submission to Islamic law, just for fear of speaking up for ourselves and making some radical Islamists somewhere very cross.

It's one thing to be forced to accept an alien religion and culture through military conquest. It is simply craven to accept such things while still ostensibly free and unconquered.

Submission. The key tenet of Islam. It is strange that many of those in our nation who are most hostile to religion, and most angered that anyone with a religious viewpoint even argue a political point in the public square, for fear of poluting it with their Jesus-talk, are so willing to submit entirely to the tenets of fundamentalist Islam.

I don't think that Islam should be discriminated against in the West. But I'll be God-Damned To Hell before I see it elevated, as quasi-official state doctrine enforced by our cultural guardians in the media and the academy, above every other faith in the country.

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