Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Millionaire" Is An Insult That The Unbiased MSM Would Never Use On Its Friends

It would be unmannerly.

The Anchoress makes a good observation:

I was feeling testy yesterday and - having read some article that called poor, bird-shot riddled Mr. Whittington a “millionaire Republican” - wrote to a “professional journalist” pal and asked him, “why is it that a wealthy Republican is always a ‘wealthy’ Republican or a ‘millionaire’ Republican, while a Democrat - no matter how filthy rich - is always simply a ‘Democrat.’”

His answer: I dunno.

A few hours later, he emailed back with this: I googled “wealthy democrats” and got 965 responses. I googled “wealthy republicans” and got … 17,900.

Oh. THAT unbiased media! :-)

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