Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Left: Immoral, Treasonous, And Even Worse, No Class

Good overview article about the Left's latest diatribe-filled political rally at a funeral.


Yesterday’s spectacle is perhaps the Left’s most disturbing recurring motif in recent times: profaning the sacred, specifically the dead. Democratic Party hacks turned Paul Wellstone’s memorial service on October 29, 2002, into a raucous political rally for Walter Mondale. Ron Reagan Jr. – who historically had a strained relationship with his father – cheapened his Republican father’s funeral by taking a shot at George W. Bush, saying his father “never made the fatal mistake of so many politicians: wearing his faith on his sleeve to gain political advantage…he accepted [his presidency] as a responsibility, not a mandate. And there is a profound difference.” One wag replied by saying, “Reagan wore his religion on his sleeve all the time!” Still, every conservative resisted the temptation to urge the election year mourners to “win one for the Gipper.” The Left knows nothing of this restraint (nor, observing their views on the sexual revolution and drug use, of any other kind of restraint).

This tendency to exploit the dead reached its nadir with Cindy Sheehan. Conversely, leftist hatemongers like Ted Rall exult in belittling the dead, as he viciously attacked the late Pat Tillman and Ronald Reagan.

Perhaps the American people should expect no less from the Left and its partisans in the Secular Party. They hold The Politics of Bad Faith: the belief in a messianic state erected by their political action, where prayer is replaced with jingoism and good works with get-out-the-vote drives. This false gospel has few takers in the American heartland, where voters are beginning to realize their estrangement from the radical fringe that holds the Left captive. Nothing could more clearly drive this message home than the crass polemical exploitation of a solemn requiem for a deceased hero on national television.

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