Monday, November 07, 2005

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Matthews is, and always has been, the epitome of the Democratic operative/reporter nexus. The Democrats long ago realized that controlling the national media organs was the best way to make sure the party line was fed un-adulterated to the masses. Facts are inconvenient. Debate is non-sensical. It’s all a big act. And every bit of it is for the purpose of putting elected officials into office who will hand out goodies to the various interest groups. No probems will be solved, of course, because solving problems (e.g., social security, failing schools, poverty, etc., etc.) *robs* the Democrats of their most effective commodity … dumb, angry, economically deprived people. The Democrats’ biggest nightmare is an educated black middle class. And their biggest enemy, currently, is the patriotic middle class. Hence the need to perpetrate the fraud that the Administration ‘outed’ a CIA operative who was perfectly content to be outed.

Put in that perspective, it is easy to see why they gin up the Wilson & Plame thing. Why they refuse to see (or report) any progress on Iraq. The President can be given no credit for anything, lest one swing voter possibly think about pulling a GOP lever. They will create a national malaise of indecision and self-loathing … they would hazard our interests at home and abroad. And for what? For abortion on demand at 38 weeks? For gay marriage? For corrupt local governments presiding over schools that are gangland free fire zones? For no drilling in the ANWAR?

Fellow Americans, they are a party full of people who would gladly see 10,000 Americans die before they would take one step that would interfere with any of those goals. They would see the economy tank (a positive in terms of votes) and UBL running amok across four continents.

It’s kind of sad. But then that’s who were dealing with.

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Matt said...

It was Marx who realized that controlling the media was the way to control the people. That is why the nexus of the Red Scare in the US was in Hollywood.