Friday, November 04, 2005

A Blast Of Common Sense

From TenNapel. His short piece begins thusly:

I read about that kid who is making porn for a California University television station over at RadioBlogger. I hear this kind of statement from both moronic children AND their parents:

SY: Well, they [my parants] offered me the option. They said you know, we really want you to find religion on their own. We don't want to force anything on you. In time, when you find it, we're going to be supportive of it.
He goes on to quickly demolish this absurd, but common position.

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Anonymous said...

I'll skip the tired and almost obligatory question about which parts of the Bible should be interpreted as literally true and which should be treated as allegory, and say that TenNapel is absolutely right.

Far too many people in this world think subjective judgments mean more than objective reality and are rudely awakened when reality bites at them. The emphasis on subjectivity is largely the result of warm-and-fuzzy child-rearing efforts that end up promoting little real warmth but lots of fuzzy thinking. It is the same ruinous idea behind artificially inflating every child's self-image.

Being a responsible parent means raising your children to be responsible people. You cannot do that if you tell your children that everything is relative or that a person can create their own reality. The responsible parent is clear to their children about what the parent knows the be true versus what the parent merely suspects to be true.

Even for all the things I see as flaws, the Bible is largely about how to be a responsible and good person. My preferred schema is different in many details, but a lot of it is similar to the Bible's simply because it is what works and gives individuals a framework for real personal growth.

(To be fair, my Catholic upbringing had a large impact on my moral compass, but that has been largely eclipsed by Objectivist influences, and those in turn were modified because I do not share Ayn Rand's default skepticism of other people.)