Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Delusional Shrieking Of Frightened Adolescents

Hawkins has a good roundup of leftist reaction to the Alito nomination.

Also, in this post we have a roundup of conservatives expressing relish for the idea of beating the Democrats like a drum in the Alito fight, as well as anticipating the wailing, hysteria, and gnashing of teeth that is in store. Actually I don't really anticipate much of a fight. This will cause the lefties to go into a state of apoplexy as they are betrayed by the spineless, corporate-ruled, stealth right-winger, unwilling-to-openly-quote-Chomsky-during-an-election-campaign, bought-and-payed-for Democratic Party.


"If you think you’ve heard apocalyptic rhetoric from the loons on the left prior to this, I’ve got news for you; the outpouring of invective, gloom, doom, and hand wringing on the part of liberals will make anything previously pale in comparison. Listening to them, you may be fooled into thinking that securing the nomination of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court will end all life on earth or, at the very least, cause the sky to blacken, the moon turn red as blood, the stars fall from their sphere’s in the sky, and the sun to grow dark. In short, even though many of the Moveon crowd would be angry at the comparison, their rhetorical excesses will evoke images from the bible, the Koran, and probably the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead.

I’m laying odds that the first commercial showing a pregnant woman slinking down a dirty back alley to be met at a door by a Dr. Frankenstein look-alike with a rusty saw in his hand will be out by next week. And don’t forget the weeping celebrities who will threaten to move out of the country if Alito is confirmed. This time, let’s send them one way tickets to to Kathmandu just to shut them up."

-- Right Wing Nut House

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