Friday, November 18, 2005

Contempt For Traitors

A blogger named WunderKraut has a nice post up. I also like his tagline: "If there's one thing you can't stand, it's people who aren't firm in their convictions. At least you're pretty sure you can't stand that. Whatever."

Anyway here's an excerpt from the post:

Those that demand a timetable or a date for withdrawl are naive beyond belief. We should stay in Iraq as long as it takes. As long as it takes for what? I do not know, but I hope that our military leaders have a thought about when they would feel secure leaving the country to the Iraqi people. If they do, they need to keep that quiet. Our enemy is just waiting, WAITING for us to quit. If we announce that our goal before leaving will be to have half the number of “insurgent” attacks per month then what we are experiencing now, then guess what? The “insurgent” attacks will miraculously fall off the radar. Why? Their goal is to see us fail and to see us leave Iraq so that they can have their way with the country. If they know that if certain goals/benchmarks are met then we will leave, they will do everything in their power to make those goals/benchmarks attainable. They can be patient if they need to be.

We need to stay as long as it takes. If that means only 6 months more, then great. But whatever the time is, we SHOULD NOT broadcast that to our enemies. If we do, it will be amazing to see the level of peace coming from Iraq. It will be only a temporary peace though as the moment we leave, the attacks will escalate and reach a level of violence unknown today.

I am sorry that this war is unpopular, what ever that means. It was and is a necessary war. Wars do not need to be run on a popularity basis. Our press is actively against us in this fight. Do not believe me? Then fine, prove me wrong. You will not be able to do it, but you can try. Our press and an entire political party want us to fail. Oh don’t get me wrong, they will claim that they support the troops, but really, how can you support them while at the same time calling for them to turn tail and run? But that is the point. The Left claims they support the troops BECAUSE they want them home and out of harms way. I doubt that our men and women in uniform feel that way. I wonder if Gallop did a poll of our service personnel in Iraq what the results would be. I am betting the farm that the overwhelming majority of those polled would say that there have been problems with the prosecution of the war but that it has been worth it and that we need to stay until the job is completed. If that is how our troops feel, then how can the Left say they support our troops by calling for their return home?

The Left betrayed an entire generation of fighting men in the 1960’s and 70’s. Their insistence on bringing home the troops from another unpopular war cost hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese people their lives and set into motion the modern terrorism that we face every day. The U.S. took one on the chin and the shock waves are still being felt. Make no bones about it, the Left betrayed our men. The 60,000 dead were for NOTHING. NOTHING at all. The only thing their blood purchased was a few more years for South Vietnam. Yet the Left still looks back to those days with great fondness. Aren’t you ashamed that you helped kill hundreds of thousands of South Vietnamese? Aren’t you ashamed that people are still enslaved in a backwards communist country? No, you aren’t because you are proud that you took a stand. You took a stand with the enemies of the United States. You pissed away the blood of 60,000 men.

I have nothing but contempt for you. You are traitors to the United States of America. You stabbed in the back the men who were fighting and dieing for freedom of an oppressed people. And yet, you are proud.

Today you say the same things. You look at the camera and tell bald faced lies about the President. You said we should take Saddam out. You had the same intelligence the President had. You voted for the war. But now you claim you are such pussies that you can not be held responsible for your vote. BS. You are nothing but political chameleons. Changing colors when the wind changes. You count on the American people having the attention span of a gnat. But I remember. I remember 1998 when Clinton stood up and talked tough about Saddam. I remember when you stood up and agreed with him and said Saddam was a threat and that he had WMD’s. Was Clinton misleading you? Or if he had actually done something to Iraq and it lasted longer than you thought it should or we lost more men than anticipated, would you have accused him of misleading you?

The Left today is using our men and women in uniform like pawns, much like their predecessors did in the late 60’s and early 70’s. You want a political victory. You smell blood in the water. Bush is floundering and you can taste victory. The nail in the coffin would be to demand that our troops come home now and have them leave before the job was finished. You have now done that. You have placed a political victory above the lives of our men and women and above the lives of the Iraqis. There are so many things wrong with winning that way.

Have you no shame? Do you not see what will happen if we tuck our tail and run? I will tell you what will happen...

(H/T Ace Of Spades)

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