Monday, October 31, 2005

TenNapel Is On A Tear

Several good posts related to the NYT's editing of a soldier's letter home in order to take out the part where he states he actually likes serving his country in Iraq. He also fisks some hatemail he received as a result of the original post. Also this reflection on the majority having rights, too.

excerpt from first post:

The problem is that the bold above was edited out by the Times. It actually contains some emotional, logical, inspiring reasons why a man might go die for his country. But the TImes doesn't actually want you to know why soldiers die on foriegn soil. Their job is not to inform, it's to pursuade you that this war is wrong. They know better than you. You are stupid and they live in New York.

It's best said in this Letter to the editor:

I know it just kills you guys to think that overwhelmingly our soldiers actually, consciously support the war, are perfectly aware of the dangers they face, and are as perfectly prepared to face them. I know it comforts all the Timesmen and women to think that soldiers are just sad, pathetic, barely literate dupes (when they aren’t being babykillers and Koran flushers), but in fact the soldiers view their lives as imbued with transcendent meaning, apparently something no Times reporter can claim. Maybe it’s just envy on the part of all your reporters that these American teenagers in uniform make history every day of their lives, while you all just continue to transparently twist the news and to accumulate contempt from the American people, which is now compounding at a daily rate.

The spin put out by our media against this war is overwhelming. If the American people were ever allowed an informed opinion on the war, we would probably have 75% support instead of 37%. Thank you'd screw the entire nation of Iraq if it meant hurting the Bush administration. Your pony-tail is so old...and never really accomplished anything but filling the rubber-band your father's hard work paid for.

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Anonymous said...

It is truly sad for the American public that the old media gatekeepers are so biased and set in their ways. Thank goodness for blogs and the Internet -- they make each person's potential audience even larger than the NYT's, and thereby let us hold old media accountable when they misrepresent us.