Thursday, October 06, 2005


Who knows. Maybe the deal is this: the Senate is full of asleep-at-the-switch Republican retards who somehow have simply not gotten the message that job number one is to reform the judiciary. Bush knows that these timid a**h*les need some kind of wakeup call. He also knows through many private conversations that Miers despises the imperial judiciary, and would like nothing better than to add her vote to Scalia, Thomas, and Roberts. She couldn't care less about proferring brilliant legal arguments. She's just a reliable vote for giving anti-Constitution liberals the shaft. Is she "qualified" and an "honorable, bold, stick-it-to-the Democrats" choice? Not at all. But no matter. He nominates her, knowing that this will cause an absolute uproar and firestorm amidst the base. One of two things happens. The Democrats figure that if the "rabid conservatives" hate the choice so much, then, hey, let's stick it to 'em and confirm her! Either that, or the uproar strikes some genuine fear into the d*ckless wonders of the Republican Senate. My gosh, people really care about who gets on the Supreme Court! Who would have guessed? Then if these castrati feel enough heat from the base, they come to Bush, begging that he withdraw the nomination. He reads them the riot act and tells them that they had better damned well go to bat for a real conservative candidate, and there'll be no more of their circle jerk bullsh*t. He works out a deal where Miers withdraws, and we finally, at long last, get down to business.

And of course, he does all of this in an aw, shucks kind of way, so that no one realizes how well they've just been played. That would be cool.

Well, one can dream, can't one?

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