Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It's Nobody's Fault

Several decades ago, Clarence Darrow managed to get a 'not guilty' verdict for his clients who had been caught red-handed in committing a crime. He argues that they really had no free will (due to our "modern" understanding of deterministic physics), so they could not be blamed (sounds like the beginning of the modern leftist judicial philosophy). Well, I know what I would have said if I'd been on that jury. I just happen to have stumbled across a nice and succinct expression of the principle here:

Murderer: Judge, since there is no such thing as free will, I cannot be faulted for my actions, and (banging table with fist) demand I be released.

Judge: You make a persuasive argument, so you'll understand why my sentencing you to 20 years is not my fault either. (Banging desk with gavel) Case closed.

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