Monday, October 03, 2005

Bush Nominated Whom?

Harriet Miers, whoever that is. This post contains a nice round-up of blog links of those tendering their insta-opinions about this. I have no insta-opinion about this, except that Bush has certainly failed to get any of his conservative base excited about his pick. Not that that necessarily means much. It could cause some complacency amongst the leftists if they hear all of the conservatives wailing and gnashing their teeth. That would be a nice move if Miers really turns out to be an "under-the-radar" believer in judicial restraint. Anyway, by now we've learned that Bush couldn't care less about ephemeral reactions of the daily news and opinion cycle, but takes a long term view of things. Maybe he's got something up his sleeve...See this Anchoress post for details.

See also this sanguine view of the matter.

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