Monday, December 20, 2004

This Isn't Rocket Science

It appears that San Francisco will soon have a ballot initiative to ban firearms in the city. What a horrifically awful idea! I've never understood the concept of announcing to the world, "I'm unarmed and defenseless. Let's all be nice." I'd much rather see a more generous and permissive attitude toward concealed carry laws. Think about it. If you were a criminal, would you so much as want to snatch a purse if even 10% of the onlookers might be packing heat? The overall disincentive might be enough to make you find honest work, or something. It seems to me that liberal attitudes toward the military and national defense go hand in hand with their attitudes towards guns. Front Page Magazine has a good column on the gun topic.

Few people remember the school shooting in Pearl, Mississippi that took place in October 1997. Fewer people remember how it ended.

This episode came to a close when Pearl High School Assistant Principal Joel Myrick sprinted a quarter mile to retrieve a personal handgun from his car and confronted the shooter who was unwilling to continue the attack against an armed victim.

Myrick parked so far away from the school to keep from violating federal gun free zone statutes. By the time the shooting spree ended, two students lay dead and seven others were wounded. Myrick's heroic defense of the children at his school was sparsely reported, going mostly unnoticed by the establishment media who were unwilling to report that he used a gun to end the mayhem and murder.

They were also unwilling to ask the hard question - how many children died while Myrick sprinted to his car?

Compare the carnage at Pearl High School with that of the Luby's cafeteria in Killeen, Texas, where a gunman murdered 22 people and wounded 18 others before turning the gun on himself. Among those at Luby's on October 16, 1991, was a woman who was proficient with handguns, but obeyed the law by leaving her legal handgun in her vehicle.

At times she was within feet of the killer and instinctively reached for her gun, which wasn't there. By the time it was over, her mother and father were among the dead.

Once again, the media never asked how many people were killed because the license holder was disarmed.

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